Parateneriffia sp., from here.

Belongs within: Prostigmata.
Contains: Caeculidae, Anystidae.

The Anystides are a diverse group of mostly predatory mites. Members of this group have the fixed cheliceral digits reduced, and the movable digit is often blade- or sickle-like. A well-developed palpal thumb-claw process is also often present. Many members of the Anystides are associated with dry soils and litter; these include the Adamystidae, a group of medium-sized reddish mites with a sclerotised plate covering much of the dorsum. The Anystoidea are soft-bodied mites, with at most only a weakly-developed prodorsal shield (Walter et al. 2009).

<==Anystides [Anystae, Anystina]
    |--Adamystidae [Adamystinae, Adamystoidea, Saxidromidae] OW01
    |    |--Saxidromus Coineau 1974 U89
    |    |    |--*S. delamarei Coineau 1974 U89
    |    |    |--S. anahoffmannae WL09
    |    |    `--S. knoepffleri Coineau 1974 U89
    |    `--Adamystis Cunliffe 1957 U89
    |         |--*A. donnae Cunliffe 1957 U89
    |         |--A. beckyanneae McDAniel & Bolen 1983 U89
    |         |--A. buchelis Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. coineaui Rafalski 1982 R82
    |         |--A. doumengei Coineau 1974 R82
    |         |--A. fonsi Coineau 1974 R82
    |         |--A. monomaculata Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. nudis Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. oculeusis Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. sarae Hunter & Crossley 1968 R82
    |         |--A. trimaculata Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         `--A. yvesi Ueckermann 1989 U89
    `--+--Caeculidae OW01
       `--Anystoidea WL09
            |--Anystidae OW01
            |--Pseudocheylidae WL09
            |    |--Pseudocheylus B49
            |    |    `--‘Cheyletiella’ americana Ewing 1909 B49
            |    |--Anoplocheylus K90
            |    |    |--A. tauricus WL09
            |    |    `--A. transiens WL09
            |    `--Neocheylus WL09
            |         |--N. americanus WL09
            |         `--N. nidicolus WL09
            `--Teneriffiidae WL09
                 |--Austroteneriffia OW01
                 |--Neoteneriffiola WL09
                 |--Mesoteneriffia Irk 1939 SB63
                 |    `--*M. steinboecki Irk 1939 SB63
                 |--Parateneriffia WL09
                 |    |--P. luxoriensis WL09
                 |    `--P. uta M-PV-G01
                 `--Teneriffia WL09
                      |--*T. quadripapillata WL09
                      |--T. marina WL09
                      `--T. mexicana McDaniel, Morihara & Lewis 1976 M-PV-G01

Anystides incertae sedis:
  Paratydeoidea WL09
    |--Stigmocheylus K90 [Stigmocheylidae WL09]
    `--Paratydeidae WL09
         |--Tanytydeus lamington WL09
         |--Hexatydeus WL09
         |--Neotydeus WL09
         |--Walytydeus WL09
         |--Scolotydeus WL09
         |--Sacotydeus WL09
         `--Paratydeus WL09
  Pomerantziidae [Pomerantzioidea] WL09
    |--Apomerantzia WL09
    `--Pomerantzia WL09
         |--P. charlesi WL09
         |--P. philippina WL09
         `--P. subterranea WL09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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