Paratype of Triphora osclausum, copyright Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.

Belongs within: Ptenoglossa.

The Triphoridae is a group of small marine gastropods including predators of sponges.

Characters (from Keoki & Yuko Stender): Small shells with beaded spirals, tall spires; distinctive anterior & posterior siphonal canals. Commonly sinistral.

Triphoridae [Triforidae, Triphorina]
    |--Iniforis Jousseaume 1884 [Iniforinae] BR05
    |    |--I. carmelae Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1993 BC01
    |    |--I. immaculata Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1993 BC01
    |    `--I. pseudothomae Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1993 BC01
    |--Metaxia Monterosato 1884 [Metaxiinae] BR05
    |    |--*M. rugulosa [=Cerithiopsis rugulosa] O27
    |    |--M. diadema Bartsch 1907 O27
    |    |--M. espinosai Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1992 BC01
    |    `--M. incerta Fernandes & Rolán 1988 BC01
    `--Triphorinae BR05
         |--Mastonia Hinds 1843 [Mastoniinae] BR05
         `--Triphora Blainville 1828 [=Triforis (l. c.), Triphoris (l. c.)] BR05
              |--T. cornuta Hervier 1897 H09
              |--T. corrugata Hinds 1843 H09
              |--T. dolicha Watson 1886 [=Triforis dolicha] H09
              |--T. excelsior Melvill & Standen 1899 [=Triforis excelsior] H09
              |--T. funebris Jousseaume 1884 H09
              |--T. gigas Hinds 1843 H09
              |--T. labiata Adams 1851 H09
              |--T. martii Rolán & Fernándes-Garcés 1995 BC01
              |--T. osclausum Rolán & Fernándes-Garcés 1995 BC01
              |--T. planata Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
              |--T. rubra Hinds 1843 H09
              |--T. rufula Watson 1886 [=Triforis rufula] H09
              |--T. sulcata Tenison-Woods 1878 F71
              |--T. violacea (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) [=Cerithium violaceum] H09
              `--T. wilkinsoni [incl. T. wilkinsoni var. psila Tenison-Woods 1879] F71

Triphoridae incertae sedis:
  Notosinister Finlay 1927 F27
    |--N. (Notosinister) F27
    |    |--*N. (N.) fascelina (Suter 1908) [=Triphora fascelina] F27
    |    |--N. (N.) ampulla (Hedley 1902) F27
    |    |--N. (N.) aoteaensis (Marshall & Murdoch 1920) F27
    |    |--N. (N.) fasciata [=Triphora fasciata] F27
    |    |--N. (N.) granifera [=Triphora granifera] F27
    |    |--N. (N.) infelix (Webster 1906) [=Triphora infelix] F27
    |    |--N. (N.) innotabilis [=Triphora innotabilis] F27
    |    `--N. (N.) tribulationis [=Triphora tribulationis] F27
    |--N. (Cautor Finlay 1927) F27
    |    |--N. (*C.) lutea (Suter 1908) [=Triphora lutea] F27
    |    `--N. (C.) obliqua [=Triphora obliqua] F27
    `--N. (Teretriphora Finlay 1927) F27
         |--N. (*T.) huttoni (Suter 1908) [=Triphora huttoni] F27
         |--N. (T.) angasi [=Triphora angasi] F27
         |--N. (T.) gemmigens [=Triphora gemmigens] F27
         `--N. (T.) kesteveni (Hedley 1903) F27, H09 [=Triphora kesteveni F27]
  Aclophora sagei Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1995 BC01
  Cheirodonta BC01
    |--C. apexcrassum Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1994 BC01
    `--C. decollate Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1994 BC01
  Isotriphora taenialba Rolán & Espinosa 1994 BC01
  Marshallora BC01
    |--M. bubistae Fernandes & Rolán 1988 BC01
    |--M. gutta Fernandes & Rolán 1988 BC01
    |--M. mariangelae Fernandes & Rolán 1988 BC01
    `--M. nichupte Rolán & Crúz-Ábrego 1995 BC01
  Monophorus BC01
    |--M. ateralbus Rolán & Fernández-Garcés 1994 BC01
    |--M. fascelina HS01
    `--M. verdensis Fernandes & Rolán 1988 BC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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