Eulima mulata, copyright Femorale.

Belongs within: Ptenoglossa.
Contains: Melanella.

The Eulimidae are a group of small marine gastropods that live as parasites on echinoderms, from which they feed by means of a piercing proboscis. Shells of eulimids are commonly translucent, allowing the internal viscera to be observed in life.

Eulimidae [Aglossa, Euliminae, Melanellacea, Melanellidae]
    |--‘Stylina’ Fleming 1828 non Lamarck 1816 [Stylinidae] BR05
    |--Melanella BR05
    |--‘Turtonia’ Rosén 1910 non Alder 1848 [Turtoniidae] BR05
    |--‘Rosenia’ Nierstrasz 1913 non Waagen & Wentzel 1886 [Roseniidae] BR05
    |--Asterophila Randall & Heath 1912 [Asterophilidae] BR05
    |--Thyca Adams & Adams 1854 [Thycidae, Thycinae] BR05
    |--Paedophoropus Ivanov 1933 [Paedophoropodidae] BR05
    |--Annulobalcis aurisflamma Simone & Martins 1995 BC01
    |--Teretianax Iredale 1918 F27
    |    `--T. pagoda Powell 1926 F27
    |--Entoconcha Müller 1852 [Entoconchidae, Entoconchini] BR05
    |    `--E. mirabilis [incl. Helicosyrinx parasita Baur 1864] BK77
    |--Enteroxenos Bonnevie 1902 [Enteroxenidae, Enteroxeninae, Enteroxenini] BR05
    |    `--E. oestergreni [incl. Comenteroxenos parastichopi Tikasingh 1961] BK77
    |--Margineulima Cossmann 1888 DK08
    |    `--M. danae (Tenison Woods 1879) DK08
    |--Entocolax Voigt 1888 [Entocolacidae] BR05
    |    |--E. ludwigi Voigt 1888 O27
    |    `--E. schwanwitschi BK77
    |--Cythna Carpenter 1864 O27
    |    |--*C. tumens [=Stylifer tumens] O27
    |    `--C. albida Carpenter 1864 O27
    |--Pyramidelloides BC01
    |    |--P. glaber Faber 1990 BC01
    |    `--P. multicostatus Faber 1990 BC01
    |--Stilifer Broderip 1832 [=Stylifer (l. c.); Stiliferidae, Stiliferinae, Styliferidae] BR05
    |    |--S. astericola Broderip 1832 H09
    |    |--S. auricula Hedley 1907 H09
    |    `--S. orbiculata Hedley 1907 H09
    |--Haliella Monterosato 1873 O27
    |    |--*H. stenostoma O27
    |    |--H. abyssicola Bartsch 1908 O27
    |    `--H. lomana Dall 1908 O27
    |--Pelseneeria Koehler & Vaney 1908 [Pelseneeriidae] BR05
    |    |--P. media BK77
    |    |--P. profunda BK77
    |    |--P. stimpsoni (Verrill 1882) [=Stilifer stimpsoni] BK77
    |    `--P. stylifera (Turton 1825) (see below for synonymy) BK77
    |--Strombiformis da Costa 1778 (nom. rej.) [Strombiformidae] BR05
    |    |--*S. glaber O27
    |    |--S. alaskensis Bartsch 1917 O27
    |    |--S. almo Bartsch 1917 O27
    |    |--S. auricincta Abbott 1958 B59
    |    `--S. californicus Bartsch 1917 O27
    |--Niso Risso 1826 O27
    |    |--N. (Niso) baueri Emerson 1965 BC01
    |    |--N. brunnea F66
    |    |--N. emersoni McLean 1970 BC01
    |    |--N. hipolitensis Bartsch 1917 O27
    |    |--N. lomana Bartsch 1917 O27
    |    `--N. psilo Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
    `--Eulima Risso 1826 BR05
         |--E. acerrima Watson 1886 H09
         |--E. acicula (Gould 1849) [=Stylifer acicula] H09
         |--E. acuta Sowerby 1834 H09
         |--E. amabilis Brazier 1877 H09
         |--E. aoteaensis M. & M. 1921 F27
         |--E. bivittata Adams & Adams 1853 H09
         |--E. brevis Sowerby 1834 H09
         |--E. californica (Bartsch 1917) [=Melanella (Eulima) californica] O27
         |--E. campyla Watson 1883 H09
         |--E. christyi Marwick 1924 F27
         |--E. compacta (Carpenter 1864) [=Melanella (Eulima) compacta] O27
         |--E. cuspidata Adams 1854 H09
         |--E. danea Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
         |--E. eurychades Watson 1883 H09
         |--E. hemphilli (Bartsch 1917) [=Melanella (Eulima) hemphilli] O27
         |--E. lactea Adams 1854 H09
         |--E. latipes Watson 1883 H09
         |--E. micans Carpenter 1864 [=Melanella (Eulima) micans] O27
         |    |--E. m. micans O27
         |    `--‘Melanella’ m. borealis Bartsch 1917 O27
         |--E. modicella Adams 1854 H09
         |--E. mulata Rios & Absalão 1990 BC01
         |--E. nitens Brazier 1877 H09
         |--E. oldroydi (Bartsch 1917) [=Melanella (Eulima) oldroydi] O27
         |--E. randolphi (Vanatta 1899) [=Melanella (Eulima) randolphi] O27
         |--E. rutila Carpenter 1864 [=Melanella (Eulima) rutila] O27
         |--E. tacomaensis (Bartsch 1917) [=Melanella (Eulima) tacomaensis] O27
         `--E. waihaoensis Allan 1926 F27

Pelseneeria stylifera (Turton 1825) [=Phasianella stylifera, Rosenia stilifera, Stilifer stylifer, Turtonia stylifera] BK77

*Type species of generic name indicated


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