Northern grasshopper mouse Onychomys leucogaster, photographed by Roger W. Barbour.

Belongs within: Cricetidae.
Contains: Neotoma, Reithrodontomys, Peromyscus.

The Neotominae are a North American group of mice, supported as a clade by molecular data (Reeder et al. 2006). Phylogenetic analysis has supported the division of the neotomines between four tribes, with the woodrats (Neotoma and related genera) possibly the most divergent from other neotomines. The Baiomyini, found in southern North and Central America, include the pygmy mice Baiomys and the singing mice Scotinomys. Both genera produce audible staccato 'songs', of longer duration in Scotinomys than Baiomys.

    |--Neotomini RC06
    |    |--Neotoma RC06
    |    |--Xenomys nelsoni RC06
    |    |--Hodomys alleni RC06 [=Neotoma (Hodomys) alleni G69]
    |    |    |--H. a. alleni G69
    |    |    `--H. a. vetula [=Neotoma (Hodomys) alleni vetula] G69
    |    `--Nelsonia RC06
    |         |--N. goldmani IT07
    |         `--N. neotomodon Merriam 1897 MB86
    `--+--Ochrotomys [Ochrotomyini] RC06
       |    `--O. nuttalli RC06
       |--Baiomyini RC06
       |    |--Scotinomys RC06
       |    |    |--S. teguina RC06
       |    |    |    |--S. t. teguina G69
       |    |    |    `--S. t. subnubilus G69
       |    |    `--S. xerampelinus IT07
       |    `--Baiomys RC06
       |         |--B. musculus G69
       |         |    |--B. m. musculus G69
       |         |    |--B. m. brunneus G69
       |         |    |--B. m. infernatis G69
       |         |    `--B. m. pallidus G69
       |         `--B. taylori RC06
       |              |--B. t. taylori MB86
       |              `--B. t. paulus (Allen 1903) MB86
       `--Peromyscini [Reithrodontomyini] RC06
            |  i. s.: Habromys RC06
            |           |--H. chinanteco IT07
            |           |--H. lepturus IT07
            |           |--H. lophurus IT07
            |           `--H. simulatus IT07
            |         Isthmomys RC06
            |           |--I. flavidus IT07
            |           `--I. pirrensis IT07
            |         Podomys floridanus RC06, IT07
            |--Reithrodontomys RC06
            `--+--+--Osgoodomys banderanus RC06
               |  `--Peromyscus RC06
               `--Onychomys RC06
                    |  i. s.: O. arenicola RC06
                    |--O. leucogaster (Wied-Neuwied 1841) MH03 [=Hypudaeus leucogaster B75]
                    |    |--O. l. leucogaster MH03
                    |    `--O. l. pedroensis MH03
                    `--+--O. hollisteri MH03
                       `--O. torridus MH03
                            |--O. t. torridus MB86
                            |--O. t. canus Merriam 1904 MB86
                            |--O. t. longicaudus CM07
                            `--O. t. surrufus MB86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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