Possible cluster of Ameronothrus, photographed by D. Sikes.

Belongs within: Circumdehiscentiae.

The Ameronothridae are a family of mostly semi-aquatic oribatid mites, inhabiting ephemeral rock pools or intertidal littoral zones. Some species are noteworthy for being found in extreme environments in the Arctic or Antarctic (Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009). Members of the genera Antarcticola and Pseudantarcticola have fewer setae on the notogaster than other genera, with only ten or eleven pairs versus the twelve or more pairs of the latter (Balogh & Balogh 1992).

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Length 550–800 µm. Gnathosoma normal, chelicerae with dentate chelae and two setae; rutella normally developed. Prodorsum without true lamellae. Bothridium developed, bothridial seta reduced. Scalps absent. Lyrifissure iad positioned anterior to ad3. Lateral plastron absent. Genital plates with five pairs of setae. Epimera III–IV distinctly delineated. Leg tibiae and tarsi completely separate. Tarsus II with two solenidia.

    |--Aquanothrus Engelbrecht 1975 [Aquanothridae] S04
    |    `--*A. montanus Engelbrecht 1975 S04
    |--Capillibates Hammer 1966 S04
    |    `--*C. stagaardi Hammer 1966 S04
    |--Chudalupia Wallwork 1981 S04
    |    `--*C. meridionalis Wallwork 1981 S04
    |--Pseudantarcticola Balogh 1970 S04
    |    `--*P. tropica Balogh 1970 S04
    |--Antarcticola Wallwork 1967 [incl. Petrozetes Sitnikova 1968] S04
    |    |--*A. meyeri Wallwork 1967 [incl. Petrozetes oblongus Sitnikova 1968] S04
    |    `--A. georgiae Wallwork 1970 S04
    |--Alaskozetes Hammer 1955 S04
    |    |--*A. coriaceus Hammer 1955 S04
    |    |--A. antarcticus (Michael 1903) S04 [=Notaspis antarctica S04, Halozetes antarctica CH98]
    |    |    |--A. a. antarcticus S04
    |    |    |--A. a. grandjeani (Dalenius 1958) S04 [=Halozetes antarctica grandjeani CH98]
    |    |    `--A. a. intermedius Wallork 1967 S04
    |    `--A. bouvetoyaensis Pletzen & Kok 1971 S04
    |--Ameronothrus Berlese 1896 [incl. Hygroribates Jacot 1934] S04
    |    |--*A. lineatus (Thorell 1871) (see below for synonymy) S04
    |    |--A. bilineatus (Michael 1888) [=Scutovertex bilineatus] S04
    |    |--A. dubinini Sitnikova 1975 S04
    |    |--A. harioti (Michael 1891) (n. d.) [=Scutovertex harioti] S04
    |    |--A. lapponicus Dalenius 1963 S04
    |    |--A. maculatus (Michael 1882) (see below for synonymy) S04
    |    |--A. marinus (Banks 1896) (see below for synonymy) S04
    |    |--A. nidicola Sitnikova 1975 S04
    |    |--A. nigrofemoratus (Koch 1879) [=Nothrus nigrofemoratus; incl. A. lineatus brevipes Willmann 1937] S04
    |    |--A. oblongus Sitnikova 1975 S04
    |    |--A. schneideri (Oudemans 1905) [=Scutovertex schneideri] S04
    |    |--A. schubarti Weigmann & Schulte 1975 S04
    |    `--A. schusteri Schubart 1970 S04
    `--Halozetes Berlese 1916 [=Anarea Dalenius 1958; incl. Pertorgunia Dalenius 1958] S04
         |--*H. marinus (Lohmann 1907) [=Notaspis marina, *Anarea marinus] CH98
         |    |--H. m. marinus [incl. Anarea macquariensis Dalenius 1958] S04
         |    |--H. m. devilliersi Engelbrecht 1974 S04
         |    `--H. m. minor Wallwork 1966 S04
         |--H. bathamae Luxton 1984 S04
         |--H. belgicae (Michael 1903) S04 [=Notaspis belgicae S04, Pertorgunia belgicae CH98]
         |    |--H. b. belgicae S04
         |    |--H. b. brevipilis Wallwork 1963 S04
         |    |--H. b. longisetae Wallwork 1967 S04
         |    `--H. b. mickii Coetzee 1999 S04
         |--H. crozetensis (Richters 1908) S04 (see below for synonymy)
         |--H. edwardensis Pletzen & Kok 1971 S04
         |--H. fulvus Engelbrecht 1975 S04
         |--H. impeditus Niedbala 1986 S04
         |--H. intermedius Wallwork 1963 S04
         |--H. littoralis Wallwork 1970 S04
         |--H. macquariensis (Dalenius 1958) [=Pertorgunia macquariensis] S04
         |--H. marionensis Engelbrecht 1974 S04
         |--H. necrophagus Wallwork 1967 S04
         |--H. otagoensis Hammer 1966 S04
         |--H. plumosus Wallwork 1966 S04
         `--H. scotiae (Trouessart 1912) (n. d.) [=Notaspis scotiae] S04

*Ameronothrus lineatus (Thorell 1871) [=Eremaeus lineatus; incl. Scutovertex corrugatus Michael 1888, S. occidentalis Hull 1918] S04

Ameronothrus maculatus (Michael 1882) [=Scutovertex maculatus; incl. S. maculatus groenlandicus Trägardh 1904, S. pseudomaculatus insularis Hull 1914, S. pseudomaculatus Hull 1914] S04

Ameronothrus marinus (Banks 1896) [=Nothrus marinus; incl. A. fucicolum Brady 1875, Scutovertex spoofi Oudemans 1900] S04

Halozetes crozetensis (Richters 1908) S04 [=Scutovertex crozetensis S04, *Pertorgunia crozetensis CH98; incl. P. colobanthi Dalenius 1958 S04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


Balogh, J. & P. Balogh. 1992. The Oribatid Mites Genera of the World vol. 1. Hungarian Natural History Museum: Budapest.

[CH98] Colloff, M. J., & R. B. Halliday. 1998. Oribatid Mites: A catalogue of Australian genera and species. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

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[S04] Subías, L. S. 2004. Listado sistemático, sinonímico y biogeográfico de los ácaros oribátidos (Acariformes, Oribatida) del mundo (1758–2002). Graellsia 60 (número extraordinario): 3–305.

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