Ricania japonica, copyright Vakhtang Janjghava.

Belongs within: Euhemiptera.
Contains: Fulgoridae, Issidae, Tropiduchidae, Dictyopharidae, Delphacidae, Achilidae, Flatidae, Derbidae, Cixiidae.

The Fulgoromorpha are plant-sucking bugs including the modern Fulgoroidea and their possible predecessors, the Permian Coleoscytidae. Fulgoroids can be distinguished from other living hemipterans by their antennae being located ventrally to the eyes and having an enlarged, more or less bulbous pedicel with wart-like sensilla. Families of fulgoroids include the Meenoplidae, characterised by have one or both of the anal veins of the forewing granulate. The Dictyopharidae are medium-sized fulgoroids with rather narrow wings that commonly have the head strongly prolonged anteriorly (Carver et al. 1991).

Synapomorphies (from Shcherbakov & Popov 2002): Mesonotum with longitudinal carinae; tegula concealing forewing base; basicubital triangle short in forewing; coxae separated mesally.

    |  i. s.: Boreocixius K-P91
    |         Tricrosbia K-P91
    |--Coleoscytidae [Coleoscytoidea] SP02
    `--Fulgoroidea SP02
         |  i. s.: Surijokocixius K-P91 [Surijokocixiidae SP02]
         |         Fulgoridae SP02
         |         Issidae SP02
         |         Nogodinidae SP02
         |           |  i. s.: Salona panorpaeformis CGW91
         |           |         Nurunderia chrysopoides CGW91
         |           `--Lipocalliini [Lipocalliinae, Nogodininae] FM08
         |                |--Lipocallia Kirkaldy 1906 FM08
         |                `--Bilbilicallia Jacobi 1928 FM08
         |         Kinnaridae RD77
         |           |--Bytrois nemoralis RD77
         |           `--Oeclidius RH88
         |                |--O. antricola RH88
         |                |--O. hades RH88
         |                `--O. minos RH88
         |         Tropiduchidae SP02
         |         Tettigometridae E02
         |           |--Tetigometra virescens G20
         |           `--Phalix titan RD77
         |         Meenoplidae RH88
         |           |  i. s.: Meenoplus cancavus Remane & Hoch 1988 RH88
         |           `--Nisiinae MC13
         |                |--Suva koebelei Kirkaldy 1906 CGW91, K08
         |                |--Nisia K08
         |                |    |--N. atrovenosa K08
         |                |    `--N. serrata C96
         |                `--Phaconeura CGW91
         |                     |--P. caesa CGW91
         |                     |--P. froggatti CGW91
         |                     `--P. pluto RH88
         |         Hypochthonella [Hypochthonellidae] RH88
         |           `--H. caeca RH88
         |         Lalacidae GE05
         |           |--Carpopodus difficilis GE05
         |           `--Lalax mutabilis Hamilton 1990 RJ93
         |         Pyrilla B88
         |           |--P. aberrans B88
         |           `--P. perpusilla B88
         |         Dictyopharidae F05
         |         Eurybrachyidae K91
         |           |  i. s.: Gelastopsis insignis C91
         |           |         Eurybrachys tomentosa RD77
         |           `--Platybrachyini [Platybrachinae]
         |                |--Olonia CGW91
         |                |--Dardus abbreviatus CGW91, R70
         |                `--Platybrachys K91
         |                     |--P. decemmacula K91
         |                     |--P. leucostigma C91
         |                     `--P. maculipennis CGW91
         |         Achilixidae CGW91
         |         Acanaloniidae CGW91
         |           |--Acanalonia L88
         |           `--Philatis RD77
         |         Lophopidae CGW91
         |           |--Lophops saccharicida CGW91
         |           `--Kasserota CGW91
         |         Gengidae CGW91
         |           |--Gengis panoplites RD77
         |           `--Microeurybrachys vitrifrons RD77
         |         Caliscelis RD77 [Caliscelidae FM08]
         |         Mundopoides aptianus P92
         |--Delphacidae E02
         `--+--Achilidae E02
            |--Flatidae E02
            |--Derbidae E02
            |--+--Cixiidae E02
            |  `--Valvifulgoria RJ93 [Fulgoridiidae GE05]
            |       `--V. tiantungensis Lin 1986 RJ93
            `--Ricaniidae E02
                 |--Scolypopa australis (Walker 1851) H82
                 |--Ricania japonica E02
                 |--Orosanga YS01
                 |--Qiyangiricania cesta Lin 1986 RJ93
                 `--Tritophania P92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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