Unidentified Agallia, photographed by Dann Thombs.

Belongs within: Cicadellidae.

The Agalliinae is a group of small cylindrical leafhoppers.

Characters (from Kramer 1963): Clypellus narrow, not swollen. Head almost always short. Lateral frontal sutures terminating at antennal pits and not replaced by carinae above antennal pits; ocelli on face; distance between ocelli less than distance between antennal pits. Lateral margins of pronotum very short. Mesothoracic tibiae without spine like setae. Hind wing with four apical cells.

    |  i. s.: Symphypyga repetekia G01
    |         Pachynus bimaculicollis Stål 1864 L61
    |         Peragallia L61
    |           |--P. nigrasterna (Cogan 1916) [=Agallia nigrasterna; incl. A. cuneata Cogan 1916] L61
    |           `--P. usambarensis (Melichar 1908) [=Agallia usambarensis] L61
    |--Adelungiini [Adelungiinae, Melicharellinae] G01
    |--Durgulini G01
    |    |--Durgula Emeljanov 1964 G01
    |    |    `--D. lycii Emeljanov 1964 G01
    |    `--Calades Gnezdilov 2001 G01
    |         `--*C. theolex Gnezdilov 2001 G01
    `--Agalliini G01
         |--Mesagallia tianshanica G01
         |--Japanagallia pteridis G01
         |--Austroagallia sinuata G01
         |--Durgades nigropictus G01
         |--Dryodurgades sindicensis G01
         |--Onukigallia onukii G01
         |--Anaceratagallia G01
         |    |--A. chalchica G01
         |    `--A. venosa G01
         |--Melanoria Gnezdilov 2001 G01
         |    |--*M. mirabilis (Mitjaev 1969) [=Agallia mirabilis] G01
         |    |--M. miranda (Dlabola 1961) [=Agallia miranda] G01
         |    `--M. sobrina [=Agallia sobrina] G01
         `--Agallia G01
              |--A. brachyptera G01
              |--A. carpathica G01
              |--A. hottentota Linnavuori 1961 L61
              `--A. parvicauda Linnavuori 1961 L61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G01] Gnezdilov, V. M. 2001. A new tribe and new genera of the subfamily Agalliinae Kirkaldy (Homoptera, Cicadina) from Middle Asia. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 80 (4): 871-884 (transl. Entomological Review 81 (4): 1153-1161).

Kramer, J. P. 1963. New World leafhoppers of the subfamily Agalliinae: a key to genera with records and descriptions of species (Homoptera: Cicadellidae). Transactions of the American Entomological Society 89 (1-2): 141-163.

[L61] Linnavuori, R. 1961. Hemiptera (Homoptera): Cicadellidae. In: Hanström, B., P. Brinck & G. Rudebeck. South African Animal Life: Results of the Lund University Expedition in 1950–1951 vol. 8 pp. 452-486. Almqvist & Wiksell: Uppsala.

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