Acrocercops calicella, from here.

Belongs within: Heteroneura.
Contains: Apoditrysia, Yponomeutoidea, Gelechioidea, Tineidae.

The Ditrysia is a clade containing some 98% of the species of Lepidoptera, united by the presence of an internal passage between the copulatory tract and the oviduct. Major groups in the Ditrysia include the Tineoidea, characterised by a long, telescoping oviscapt and often reduced galeae on the proboscis, and the leaf-mining Gracilariidae (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). The Psychidae, bagworms, are a family within the Tineidae whose larvae inhabit protective cases; female bagworms are wingless as adults and remain in the larval case while males emerge as more standard moths.

Synapomorphies (from Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Connection between copulatory opening and ovipore; large apodemes present on abdominal sternite 2; muscles in proboscis with short bands, not long fibres.

<==Ditrysia [Papilionina, Tineites]
    |  i. s.: Mompha [Momphidae] WRM02
    |           `--M. cephalonthiella WRM02
    |         Azinis hilarella WM66
    |--Simaethistiidae GE05
    |--+--Apoditrysia GE05
    |  |--Yponomeutoidea GE05
    |  |--Gelechioidea GE05
    |  `--Gracillariidae [Gracillarioidea, Lithocolletidae] GE05
    |       |--Philodoria NB03
    |       |--Parectopa formosa P27
    |       |--Caloptilia V09
    |       |    |--C. alchimiella [=Gracilaria alchimiella] V09
    |       |    `--C. elaeas M83
    |       |--Lithocolletis B88
    |       |    |--L. hamadryadella G17c
    |       |    `--L. populifolia [=Gracilaria populifolia] H04
    |       |--Epicephala P27
    |       |    |--E. chalybacma VHK02
    |       |    `--E. frugicola B88
    |       |--Phyllocnistis B88 [Phyllocnistidae, Phyllocnistinae GE05]
    |       |    |--P. citrella B88
    |       |    `--P. suffusella B88
    |       |--Phyllonorycter WRM02
    |       |    |--P. blancardella MC02
    |       |    |--P. crataegella G17b
    |       |    `--P. messaniella B88
    |       |--Acrocercops B88
    |       |    |--A. calicella P27
    |       |    |--A. chionosoma B88
    |       |    |--A. cramerella G17a
    |       |    |--A. diffluella B88
    |       |    `--A. ordinatella P27
    |       `--Gracilaria GE05
    |            |--G. chrysitis L27
    |            |--G. elaeas L27
    |            |--G. linearis P27
    |            |--G. selenitis P27
    |            `--G. xylophanes P27
    `--Tineoidea GE05
         |  i. s.: Lepidoscia GE05
         |--Pseudarbelidae DS73
         |--Arrhenophanidae DS73
         |--Acrolophidae GE05
         |--Tineidae GE05
         |--Bucculatricidae ZS10
         |    |--Bucculatrix Z02
         |    `--Ogmograptis ZS10
         `--Psychidae GE05
              |--Liothula omnivora WFS04
              |--Solenobia triquetrella D51
              |--Theridopteryx ephemeraeformis WRM02
              |--Iphierga AY04
              |--Ardiosteres moretonella AY04, B88
              |--Epichnopteryx plumella (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775) JP05
              |--Canephora hirsuta Poda 1761 JP05
              |--Paramictoides febretta YS10
              |--Pachythelia unicolor YS10
              |--Apterona YS10
              |--Norycia G84
              |--Plutorectis G84
              |--Cryptothelea GE05
              |    |--C. cardiophaga IR05
              |    `--C. gloverii VC07
              |--Oiketicus G84
              |    |--O. elongatus G84
              |    `--O. kirbyi L81
              |--Lomera Walker 1855 NO08
              |    |--*L. boisduvalii (Westwood 1855) [=Oiketicus boisduvalii, Heteromorpha boisduvalii] NO08
              |    `--L. caespitosa G84
              |--Taleporia JP05
              |    |--T. cawthronella P27
              |    `--T. tubulosa (Retzius 1783) JP05
              |--Luffia YS10
              |    |--L. ferchaultella BC91
              |    `--L. lapidella YS10
              |--Hyalarcta G84
              |    |--H. huebneri G84
              |    `--H. nigrescens G84
              |--Clania G84
              |    |--C. ignobilis G84
              |    `--C. tenuis G84
              `--Psyche VHK02
                   |--P. albipes VHK02
                   |--P. confederata G17c
                   `--P. plumifera P01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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