Orange palm-dart Cephrenes augiades, photographed by Jenny.

Belongs within: Hesperioidea.

The Hesperiinae is a mostly tropical group of skippers, with larvae feeding on coarse grasses and palms (Nielsen & Common 1991).

Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Adults resting with wings held erect; fore wing with M2 arising nearer M3 than M1; males lacking hair-pencils on metatibiae and costal fold on fore wing.

    |--Hesperia J03
    |    |--H. agna Moore 1865 WM66
    |    `--H. divodasa Moore 1865 WM66
    |--+--Plastingia J03
    |  |--Prada J03
    |  `--Tiacellia J03
    `--+--+--Pastria J03
       |  `--+--Cephrenes augiades J03, P27
       |     `--Oriens angustula J03, PP02
       `--+--+--Telicota eurychlora J03, NS04
          |  |--Banta J03
          |  |--Kobrona J03
          |  `--+--Sabera J03
          |     `--Mimene J03
          `--+--Arrhenes J03
             `--+--Potanthus J03
                `--+--Ocybadistes knightorum J03, NS04
                   `--+--Suniana J03
                      `--Taractrocera J03

Nomen nudum: Hesperia cinnara Moore in Wallace & Moore 1866 WM66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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