Anthela nicothoe, from here.

Belongs within: Macrolepidoptera.

The Anthelidae are a family of moths restricted to Australia and New Guinea. Larvae feed on a variety of plant hosts, including Eucalyptus and Acacia species (Nielsen & Common 1991).

Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Antennae bipectinate to apex in male, usually bipectinate or pectinate in female; proboscis rarely present; maxillary palps vestigial; labial palps porrect; epiphysis present in male, reduced or absent in female, tibial spurs short, 0-2-4 or 0-2-2; females rarely with vestigial wings; fore wing with retinaculum in male, 1 or 2 areoles usually present, M2 arising nearer to M3 than to M1, CuP absent, 1A+2A forming basal fork; hind wing with functional frenulum in male, in female with only thickened frenulum base, Sc+R1 separate from Rs, or Sc connected to Rs by R1, M2 as in fore wing, CuP absent, 2 anal veins. Larva usually with verrucae and dense, branched or roughened setae, verrucae of abdominal segment 1 arranged differently from those of 2-8; crochets biordinal or multiordinal, simple. Pupa in double-walled cocoon of silk often mixed with larval hairs.

    |--Chenuala Swinhoe 1892 ONE03
    |--Omphaliodes Felder & Felder 1874 ONE03
    |--Gephyroneura Turner 1920 ONE03
    |--Pterolocera AY04
    |--Chelepteryx chalepteryx (Felder & Felder 1874) [=Darala chalepteryx] NS07
    |--Nataxa flavescens (Walker 1865) [incl. Dicreagra ochrocephala Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
    |--Munychryia Walker 1865 ONE03
    |    `--M. senicula Walker 1865 [incl. Hypochroma nyssiata Felder & Rogenhofer 1875] NS07
    `--Anthela Walker 1855 [incl. Darala Walker 1855] ONE03
         |--A. acuta P27
         |--A. basigera (Walker 1865) [incl. Darala undulata Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
         |--A. connexa (Walker 1855) [incl. Darala zonata Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
         |--A. excellens ZS10
         |--A. nicothoe B88
         |--A. ocellata (Walker 1855) ONE03
         |--A. rubeola (Felder & Felder 1874) [=Dartala rubeola] NS07
         `--A. varia P27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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