Succinea putris, from here.

Belongs within: Stylommatophora.

The Succineidae is a family of medium-sized herbivorous snails with a distinctive jaw structure.

Characters (from Pilsbry 1948): Shell oval, very thin, usually external, imperforate, with small spire of few whorls or uncoiled; aperture large, ovate, with thin, simple peristome. Large, squarish, cartilaginous plate of attachment rising above jaw; jaw with median projection on cutting edge. Radula with ectocones on all teeth, usually split on marginals; endocones united with mesocones on lateral teeth but distinct on marginals. Sole tripartite; pedal grooves defining a narrow foot margin. Kidney broader than long, extending from pericardium to hind gut, the ureter lying along its front margin, then following the rectum. Lung short but with normal venation. Alimentary canal of the usual four folds, short pyloric caecum present between the two liver ducts. Tentacular and buccal muscles free to their insertion on the columella, the buccal dividing far bark. Right ocular retractor lying between male and female branches of genitalia. Genital atrium usually shallow, behind and below right eye-stalk. Seminal vesicles or talon usually paired but often very unequal. Compact prostate gland shorter than sacculated oviduct.

<==Succineidae [Succineacea, Succineoidea, Succinida]
    |  i. s.: Quickia FGN07
    |--Catinella Pease 1870 [Catinellinae] BR05
    `--Succineinae BR05
         |--Hyalimax Adams & Adams 1855 [Hyalimacidae, Hyalimacinae] BR05
         |--Oxyloma Westerlund 1885 [Oxylomatinae, Oxylominae] BR05
         |    `--O. elegans (Risso 1826) [incl. O. pfeifferi (Rossmässler 1835)] CP06
         |--Austrosuccinea Iredale 1937 [incl. Arborcinea Iredale 1937] S88
         |    `--A. strigillata (Adams & Angas 1864) W08
         `--Succinea Draparnaud 1801 BR05 [incl. Papusuccinea Iredale 1941 S88; Succineae]
              |--S. aperta Lea 1838 F27
              |--S. australis Ferussac 1821 S88
              |--S. avara G59
              |--S. baumanni Sturany 1894 V07
              |--S. caducca Mighels 1845 J49
              |--S. coxi Finlay 1927 [=S. aperta Cox 1868 non Lea 1838] F27
              |--S. grosvenori B59
              |--S. putris Linnaeus 1758 V07
              |--S. rotundata Gould 1845 [incl. S. patula Mighels 1845 non Lamarck in de Blainville 1827] J49
              `--S. wilsoni Lea 1864 BF89

*Type species of generic name indicated


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