Processionary caterpillars Thaumetopoea pityocampa, photographed by Arturo Reina Sánchez.

Belongs within: Macrolepidoptera.

The Notodontoidea are a group of moths distinguished by the structure of the thoracic tympana, generally with a broad and roof-shaped scutal phragm (Kiriakoff 1963). Authors have disagreed whether the Notodontoidea warrant recognition as a distinct group from the related Noctuoidea. Larvae of the subfamily Thaumetopoeinae are often colonial, and some species are known as processionary caterpillars for their habit of travelling in single-file columns.

    |--Thyretidae DS73
    `--Notodontidae NO08b
         |  i. s.: Gallaba M03
         |         Schizura GE05
         |         Scea auriflamma GE05
         |         Lyces striata GE05
         |         Ptilodon JP05
         |           |--P. capucina G84
         |           `--P. cucullina (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775) JP05
         |         Gangarides Moore 1866 [incl. Thermojana Yang in Yang & Chen 1995] NO08b
         |           `--*Thermojana’ sinica Yang in Yang & Chen 1995 NO08b
         |         Josia GE05
         |           |--J. gigantea GE05
         |           `--J. tessmani GE05
         |         Clostera JP05
         |           |--C. curtula (Linnaeus 1758) JP05
         |           `--C. pigra (Hufnagel 1766) JP05
         |         Phalera V09
         |           |--P. bucephala (Linnaeus 1758) L-SSY04
         |           `--P. bucephaloides Ochsenheimer 1808 B08
         |         Dudusa sphingiformis P01
         |         Lephopteryx camelina P01
         |         Destolmia NC91
         |         Sorama NC91
         |         Antimima cryptica N91
         |         Heterocampa C74
         |--Dioptinae [Dioptidae] GE05
         |--Notodontinae C74
         |    |--Notodonta dromedarius (Linnaeus 1758) JP05
         |    |--Neola semiaurata C70
         |    |--Danima banksiae C70
         |    |--Hylaeora C74
         |    |    |--H. capucina [=Neola capucina] C74
         |    |    |--H. dilucida NC91
         |    |    `--H. eucalypti C70
         |    `--Cerura C70
         |         |--C. australis NC91
         |         |--C. erminea DS73
         |         `--C. vinula DS73
         `--Thaumetopoeinae [Thaumetepoeidae] NO08a
              |--Diceratucha NC91
              |--Discophlebia catocalina NC91
              |--Trichiocercus sparshalli NC91
              |--Epicomana C74
              |--Marane C74
              |--Trichetra sparshalli C70
              |--Paramarane Bethune-Baker 1910 [incl. Tearina Kiriakoff 1970] NO08a
              |    `--*P. pulchra Bethune-Baker 1910 (see below for synonymy) NO08a
              |--Ochrogaster MC13
              |    |--O. contraria B88
              |    `--O. lunifer ZS10
              |--Epicoma NC91
              |    |--E. melanosticta NC91
              |    `--E. tristis P27
              `--Thaumetopoea V09
                   |--T. pinivora (Treitschke 1834) L-SSY04
                   |--T. pityocampa (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775) L-SSY04
                   |--T. processionea V09
                   `--T. wilkinsoni Tams 1925 L-SSY04

*Paramarane pulchra Bethune-Baker 1910 [incl. Epicoma nigrolineata Joicey & Talbot 1916, *Tearina nigrolineata] NO08a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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