Damsel bug Nabis kinbergii, photographed by Denis Crawford.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.
Contains: Miridae, Tingoidea, Reduviidae, Cimicidae, Polyctenidae, Anthocoridae.

The Cimicomorpha is a group of terrestrial bugs characterised by a reduced number of cells in the forewing membrane, and the reduction of the spermatheca to a vermiform gland (Shcherbakov & Popov 2002). The clade includes both phytophagous (Miridae, Tingoidea) and predatory (Reduviidae, Cimicoidea) representatives. Members of the Cimicoidea have a phallus that punctures a membrane in the female abdomen, either puncturing the vaginal walls as in the Nabidae, allowing the sperm to migrate to the ovaries through the haemolymph rather than through the oviduct, or puncturing the abdomen wall externally as in Cimicidae and Anthocoridae, through a process known as traumatic insemination (Grimaldi & Engel 2005).

    |--+--Miridae SP02
    |  `--Tingoidea SP02
    |--+--Pachynomidae C81
    |  `--Reduviidae SP02
    `--Cimicoidea SP02
         |--Darniopseinae [Velocipedidae] SP02
         |--Cimicidae GE05
         |--Polyctenidae GE05
         |--Anthocoridae GE05
         `--Nabidae GE05
              |--Arachnocoris GE05
              |--Alloeorrhynchus B27
              |    |--A. flavipes WP99
              |    |--A. flavolimbatus B27
              |    `--A. myersi Bergroth 1927 B27
              |--Reduviolus B27
              |    |--R. biformis Bergroth 1927 B27
              |    |--R. capsiformis [incl. R. saundersi] B27
              |    |--R. maoricus B27
              |    |--R. maracandicus B27
              |    `--R. quadripunctatus Bergroth 1927 B27
              `--Nabis M83
                   |  i. s.: N. brevis K09
                   |         N. myrmicoides BM76
                   |         N. rugosus BM76
                   `--N. (Tropiconabis) M83
                        |--N. (T.) kinbergii M83
                        `--N. (T.) maoricus M83

Cimicomorpha incertae sedis:
  Pterocimex [Pterocimicidae] GE05
  Lygaenocoris GE05
  Mesopentacoris [Mesopentacoridae, Protocoridae] GE05
  Miridoides GE05
  Scutellifer GE05
  Cymocoris GE05
  Coriopachys GE05
  Plokiophilidae GE05
    |--Plokiophilinae R00
    `--Embiophila [Embiophilinae] R00
         `--E. africana [=Acladina africana] R00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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