Andraca bipunctata, from Wang et al. (2011).

Belongs within: Macrolepidoptera.

The Bombycidae, silk moths, are a group of mostly large moths found in the Old World that encase themselves in a dense woven cocoon when pupating. One particular bombycid, the commercial silk moth Bombyx mori, is the primary source of silk used in making fabric.

Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Antenna bipectinate to apex in both sexes; proboscis absent; maxillary palps absent; labial palps short; epiphysis present or absent; spurs 0-2-2 or 0-0-0; fore wing with or without retinaculum, R1, R2 and R3 absent and at least R2 and R3 arising successively from stem of R4+5, CuP sometimes present; hind wing with functional or reduced frenulum present, dorsum often pleated, somewhat concave, Sc and Rs usually connected by R1, CuP often present towards margin. Larva with coarse secondary setae in early instars, with fine secondary setae or scattered, short, coarse secondary setae when mature; crochets biordinal, simple. Pupa in dense cocoon of silk.

    |--Spanochroa Felder & Felder 1874 [Epiinae] NS07
    |    `--*S. blandiatrix Felder & Felder 1874 NS07
    `--Prismostictinae NO08
         |--Mustilia Walker 1865 NO08
         |--Prismosticta Butler 1880 NO08
         |--Pseudandraca Miyata 1970 NO08
         |--Oberthueria Staudinger 1892 NO08
         `--Andraca Walker 1865 [incl. Pseudoeupterote Shiraki 1911] NO08
              |--*A. bipunctata Walker 1865 NO08
              `--‘Oreta’ theae Matsumura 1909 [=*Pseudoeupterote theae] NO08

Bombycidae incertae sedis:
  Bombyx Linnaeus 1758 NO08
    |--*B. mori (Linnaeus 1758) [=Phalaena mori] GC-BG04
    |--B. bucephala L02
    |--B. camelina L02
    |--B. coryli L02
    |--B. luna L02
    |--B. mandarina (Moore 1872) GC-BG04
    |--B. pavonia L02
    |--B. pudibunda L02
    |--B. quercifolia L02
    |--B. quercus L02
    |--B. testudo L02
    `--B. zona L02
  Ocinara Walker 1856 NO08
  Elachyophthalma Felder 1861 [incl. Calapterote Holland 1900] NO08
    `--E. butleri (Holland 1900) [=*Calapterote butleri] NO08
  Gastridiota Turner 1922 NO08
    `--*G. adoxima (Turner 1902) [=Andraca adoxima] NO08
  Sesquiluna Forbes 1955 [incl. Theophoba Fletcher & Nye 1982] NO08
    |--*S. albilunata (Hampson 1910) [=Andraca albilunata] NO08
    `--S. pendulans (Mell 1958) [=*Theophoba pendulans] NO08
  Theophila huttoni P01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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