Giant African land snail Achatina fulica, photographed by Alexander R. Jenner.

Belongs within: Stylommatophora.

The Achatinoidea is a group of snails characterised by the absence of a stimulator in the genitalia.

Synapomorphies (from Tillier 1989): Ureteric tube closed; cerebral commisure distinctly shorter than cerebral ganglia width; left parietal ganglion contiguous with visceral ganglion; cerebro-pedal connectives symmetrical; stimulator absent.

<==Achatinoidea [Achatinacea]
    |--Micractaeon Verdcourt 1993 [Micractaeonidae] BR05
    |--Ferussaciidae [Ferrusaciidae, Ferussaciinae] BR05
    |    |--Ferussacia Risso 1826 [=Ferrussacia (l. c.)] BR05
    |    `--Cecilioides Férussac 1814 (see below for synonymy) BR05
    |         |--C. acicula CC06
    |         `--C. eulima CC06
    |--Achatinidae [Achatinae, Achatinida] BR05
    |    |  i. s.: Leptocala mollicella FGN07
    |    |--Callistoplepa Ancey 1888 [=Callistopepla (l. c.); Callistopeplinae, Callistoplepinae] BR05
    |    |--Limicolaria Schumacher 1817 [Limicolariinae] BR05
    |    |    `--L. tenebrica A66a
    |    `--Achatininae BR05
    |         |--Urceus Klein ex Mörch 1857 [Urceidae] BR05
    |         `--Achatina Lamarck 1799 BR05
    |              |--A. balteata Reeve 1849 FGN07
    |              |--A. fulica Bowditch 1822 S88
    |              |--A. leakeyi P02
    |              `--A. turricula Mighels 1845 J49
    `--Subulinidae [Subulinoidea] BR05
         |  i. s.: Oreohomorus P02
         |         Subuliniscus P02
         |         Subulona decollata (Morelet 1873) FGN07
         |         Ischnoglessula FGN07
         |         Striosubulina FGN07
         |         Pseudopeas Putzeys 1899 S88
         |         Curvella FGN07
         |         Nothapalus FGN07
         |         Dictyoglessula FGN07
         |         Oleata FGN07
         |         Pileata FGN07
         |         Kempioconcha FGN07
         |         Lamellaxis S88
         |           |--L. clavulinus (Potiez & Michaud 1838) [=Bulimus clavulinus, Opeas clavulinum] S88
         |           |--L. gracilis (Hutton 1834) S88 (see below for synonymy)
         |           `--L. mauritianus (Pfeiffer 1852) S88
         |         Eremopeas Pilsbry 1906 S88
         |           |--E. interioris (Tate 1894) [=Stenogyra interioris, Pseudopeas (Eremopeas) interioris] S88
         |           `--E. tuckeri (Pfeiffer 1846) (see below for synonymy) S88
         |         Prosopeas achatinaceum (Pfeiffer 1846) (see below for synonymy) S88
         |--Glessula Martens 1860 [Glessulidae, Glessulinae] BR05
         |--Petriola Dall 1905 [Petriolinae] BR05
         |--Rishetia Godwin-Austen 1920 [Rishetiinae] BR05
         |--Subulina Beck 1837 [Subulininae] BR05
         |    `--S. octona (Bruguière 1792) S88 [=Bulimus octonus S88, Rumina (Subulina) octona A66b]
         |--Rumina Risso 1826 [Ruminidae, Rumininae] BR05
         |    `--R. decollata CC06
         |--Opeas Albers 1850 [Opeatinae] BR05
         |    |--O. pumilum (Pfeiffer 1840) (see below for synonymy) S88
         |    `--O. pyrgula Schmacker & Boettger 1891 S88
         |--Coeliaxinae [Caeliaxidae] BR05
         |    |--Coeliaxis Adams & Angas 1865 [=Caeliaxis (l. c.)] BR05
         |    |--Cryptelasmus Pilsbry 1907 [Cryptelasminae] BR05
         |    `--Pyrgina Greef 1882 [Pyrgininae] BR05
         `--Stenogyrinae [Stenogyridae] BR05
              |--Stenogyra Shuttleworth 1854 BR05
              `--Obeliscus Beck 1837 BR05
                   |--O. pusillus (Adams 1866) [=Rumina (Obeliscus) pusilla] A66b
                   `--O. riparius [=Rumina (Obeliscus) riparia] A66b

Cecilioides Férussac 1814 [=Caecilianella Bourguignat 1856, Caecilioides; Caeciliae, Caecilianellea, Cecilioididae] BR05

Eremopeas tuckeri (Pfeiffer 1846) [=Bulimus tuckeri, Prosopeas (Eremopeas) tuckeri; incl. B. walli Cox 1864] S88

Lamellaxis gracilis (Hutton 1834) S88 [=Bulimus gracile S88, L. (Allopeas) gracilis S88, Opeas gracile S88, Stenogyra gracilis TC89; incl. O. ardelio Iredale 1941 S88, O. oparanum (Pfeiffer 1846) S88]

Opeas pumilum (Pfeiffer 1840) [=Bulimus pumilus; incl. Helix goodalli Miller 1822 non Ferussac 1821, Opeas goodalli] S88

Prosopeas achatinaceum (Pfeiffer 1846) [=Bulimus achatinaceus; incl. Achatina javanica Reeve 1849, Opeas javanicum] S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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