European mistletoe Viscum album, photographed by H. Zell.

Belongs within: Gunneridae.
Contains: Santalaceae.

The Santalanae is a group including the sandalwoods, mistletoes and related taxa. As well as the derived parasitic members (ancestrally root-parasitic but with aerial parasitism having evolved multiple times), the group includes closely related free-living forms. Medusandra is a genus of trees found in Cameroon placed close to the Santalales by Doweld (2001).

    |--Medusandra T00 [Medusandraceae, Medusandrales D01]
    `--Santalales [Santaliflorae] CD07
         |  i. s.: Helixanthera coccinea P88
         |--Opiliaceae T00
         |--Santalaceae T00
         |--Eremolepidaceae T00
         |    |--Antidaphne [incl. Eremolepis] T00
         |    |    `--‘Eremolepis’ wrightii J87
         |    |--Eubrachion T00
         |    `--Lepidoceras T00
         |--Misodendrum A-LL98 [=Myzodendron A-LL98; Misodendraceae T00, Myzodendraceae]
         |    |--M. linearifolium de Candolle 1830 [=Angelopogon linearifolius ms, Myzodendron linearifolium] A-LL98
         |    |    |--M. l. var. linearifolium A-LL98
         |    |    `--M. l. var. contractum Skottsberg 1913 (see below for synonymy) A-LL98
         |    |--M. oblongifolium de Candolle 1830 [=Angelopogon heterophyllus ms] A-LL98
         |    `--M. punctulatum (see below for synonymy) A-LL98
         |--Olacaceae T00
         |    |--Aptandra YY22
         |    |--Octoknema [Octoknemaceae, Octoknemoideae] T00
         |    |--Erythropalum [Erythropaloideae] T00
         |    |--Scorodocarpus borneensis W01
         |    `--Olax [Olacoideae] OS04
         |         |--O. benthamiana OS04
         |         `--O. phyllanthi GK00
         |--Viscaceae T00
         |    |--Notothixos H03
         |    |--Phoradendron J87
         |    |    |--P. anceps J87
         |    |    `--P. piperoides J87
         |    |--Ginalloa H03
         |    |    |--G. arnottiana H03
         |    |    |--G. flagellaris H03
         |    |    `--G. nuda H03
         |    |--Viscum CD07
         |    |    |--V. album Linnaeus 1753 CD07
         |    |    |--V. articulatum P03
         |    |    |--V. cruciatum H03
         |    |    |--V. lindsayi An27
         |    |    |--V. miquelii JD05
         |    |    |--V. orientale P03
         |    |    `--V. salicornia An27
         |    `--Dendrophthora J87
         |         |--D. brachystacha J87
         |         |--D. carnosa J87
         |         |--D. cupressoides J87
         |         |--D. serpyllifolia J87
         |         `--D. versicolor J87
         `--Loranthaceae T00
              |--Oryctanthus YY22
              |--Struthanthus YY22
              |--Tupeia antarctica T27, BS01
              |--Phthirusa YY22
              |--Macrosolen platyphyllus [=Elytranthe platyphylla] P88
              |--Nuytsia floribunda RL05
              |--Agelanthus discolor CV06
              |--Arceuthobium YY22
              |    |--A. bicarnatum J87
              |    `--A. pusillium M93
              |--Korthasella RR02
              |    |--K. japonica RR02
              |    `--K. salicornioides Al27
              |--Elytranthe T27
              |    |--E. colensoi T27
              |    `--E. tetrapetata An27
              |--Amyema G04
              |    |--A. gibberula G04
              |    |--A. miquelii G04
              |    |--A. preissii KM08
              |    `--A. queenslandica H03
              |--Dendropemon J87
              |    |--D. bistratus J87
              |    |--D. parvifolius J87
              |    `--D. pycnophyllus J87
              |--Loranthus T27
              |    |--L. colensoi An27
              |    |--L. flavidus An27
              |    |--L. micranthus T27
              |    `--L. tetrapetalus An27
              `--Dendrophthoe falcata KJ05

Misodendron linearifolium var. contractum Skottsberg 1913 [=M. linearifolium f. monoica Skottsberg 1913 (n. n.)] A-LL98

Misodendron punctulatum [incl. Mi. punctulatum var. magellanicum de Candolle 1830, Mi. rioquinoense Kuntze 1893, Myzodendron rioquinoense] A-LL98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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