Specimen of an unidentified species of Sphallomorpha, from PaDIL.

Belongs within: Geadephaga.

The Pseudomorphinae are a group of often flattened ground beetles found living under bark. They are often found in association with ants and larvae of some species are physogastric inquilines in ant nests (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Antennal scape not visible from above; antennae sometimes short and clavate; head with deep antennal sulcus between eye and mandible; legs more or less concealed beneath body, with may be flattened and laterally explanate.

    |  i. s.: Cryptocephalomorpha B08
    |--Sphallomorpha Westwood 1837 B08
    |    |--*S. decipiens Westwood 1837 B08
    |    |--S. castelnaui B08
    |    |--S. clypeosetosa Baehr 2008 B08
    |    |--S. fallax (Westwood 1837) [=Silphomorpha fallax] B08
    |    |--S. flavopicea Baehr 1992 B08
    |    |--S. flavorufa Baehr 2008 B08
    |    |--S. froggatti (Macleay 1888) [=Silphomorpha froggatti] B08
    |    |--S. guttigera (Newman 1842) [=Silphomorpha guttigera] B08
    |    |--S. hydroporoides B08
    |    |--S. interioris Baehr 1992 B08
    |    |--S. maculata (Newman 1842) [=Silphomorpha maculata] B08
    |    |--S. parallela B08
    |    |--S. parinterioris Baehr 2008 B08
    |    |--S. permutata Baehr 2008 B08
    |    |--S. polita B08
    |    |--S. polysetosa Baehr 1992 B08
    |    |--S. suturalis B08
    |    |--S. szitoi Baehr 2008 B08
    |    `--S. uniformis Baehr 1992 B08
    `--+--Paussotropus Waterhouse 1877 B08
       |    `--P. cylindricus (Chaudoir 1862) (see below for synonymy) B08
       |--Cainogenion Notman 1925 B08
       |    `--*C. ipsoides (Newman 1837) [=Adelotopus ipsoides] B08
       |         |--C. i. ipsoides B08
       |         `--C. i. occidentale Baehr 1997 B08
       `--Adelotopus Hope 1834 B08
            |--*A. gyrinoides Hope 1834 B08
            |--A. adustus Baehr 1997 B08
            |--A. basalis Baehr 2008 B08
            |--A. brevipennis Macleay 1888 B08
            |--A. coriaceus Baehr 1997 B08
            |--A. elongatulus B08
            |--A. flavus B08
            |--A. houstoni Baehr 1997 B08
            |--A. laevis B08
            |--A. minutus Baehr 2008 B08
            |--A. paroensis Castelnau 1867 B08
            |--A. piceus B08
            |--A. pilbarae Baehr 2008 B08
            |--A. puncticollis B08
            |    |--A. p. puncticollis B08
            |    `--A. p. angustemaculatus Baehr 1997 B08
            |--A. rubiginosus Newman 1856 [incl. A. castaneus] B08
            `--A. rufescens B08

Paussotropus cylindricus (Chaudoir 1862) [=Adelotopus cylindricus, Cainogenion cylindricum; incl. *Paussotropus parellelus Waterhouse 1877] B08

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B08] Baehr, M. 2008. New and rare pseudomorphine species from Western Australia (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pseudomorphinae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 24 (2): 151-180.

Lawrence, J. F., & E. B. Britton. 1991. Coleoptera. In: CSIRO. The Insects of Australia: a textbook for students and research workers, vol. 2, pp. 543-683. Melbourne University Press.

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