Catops, photographed by Wim Rubers.

Belongs within: Coleoptera.

The Catopidae is a family of scavenging beetles, many of which are inhabitats of caves or animal burrows.

Characters (from Cholevidae of the World, as Cholevidae): Antenna with eleven segments, eighth segment smaller than seventh and ninth segments; procoxal cavities closed by quadrangular pointed notal projection; head with pronounced occipital crest, rear of head not smoothly rounded.

    |--Micronemadus pusillimus (Kraatz 1877) [=Nemadus pusillimus] SP76
    |--Sciodrepoides sulcatus Szymczakowski 1964 SP76
    |--Cholevinus SP76
    |--Dzungarites SP76
    |--Cryocatops SP76
    |--Ptomaphaginus SP76
    |    |--P. oribates SP76
    |    `--P. palpalis Szymczakowski 1974 SP76
    |--Catopodes SP76
    |    |--C. calceatus Szymczakowski & Plath 1976 SP76
    |    `--C. fuscifrons SP76
    |--Mesocatops SP76
    |    |--M. imitator SP76
    |    |--M. latitarsis SP76
    |    `--M. retroflexus Szymczakowski & Plath 1976 SP76
    `--Catops SP76
         |--C. championi SP76
         |--C. clavalis R89
         |--C. eberti Szymczakowski 1965 SP76
         |--C. fulvus Reitter 1889 R89
         |--C. globularius Szymczakowski & Plath 1976 SP76
         |--C. longulus SP76
         |--C. malloryi Henrot & Szymczakowski 1971 SP76
         |--C. schwarzi SP76
         |--C. tenuicornis R89
         |--C. validus R89
         `--C. vallombrosae R89

*Type species of generic name indicated


[R89] Reitter, E. 1889. Drei neue Silphiden aus Italien, beschrieben von Edmund Reitter in Mödling. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova, Serie 2a 7: 293-294.

[SP76] Szymczakowski, W., & D. Plath. 1976. Catopidae aus dem Nepal-Himalaya (Ins., Col.) Senckenbergiana Biologica 57 (1-3): 35-48.


  1. Catopidae and Cholevidae are always treated as Leiodidae in modern phylogenetic classifications ...

  2. Hence the importance of noting that, so far, this page doesn't incorporate anything more recent than 1976 in the classification. Updates are promised by 2143.

  3. you had better hurry up then, by my watch it is already 1904 (hrs) :)


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