Coconut leaf miner Promecotheca cumingii, from here.

Belongs within: Phytophaga.
Contains: Monolepta, Halticinae, Cryptocephalini, Clytrini.

The Chrysomelidae, the leaf beetles, are an extremely diverse family of beetles that mostly feed on living plant tissue. Members of the subfamilies Bruchinae and many Galerucinae have enlarged hind femurs that are used for jumping; the jumping galerucines are accordingly known as flea beetles (Zborowski & Storey 2010).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Body form extremely varied but often subglabrous and brightly coloured. Antennae variable but usually filiform, very rarely enlarged apically to form club, never inserted on prominences, usually not extending beyond middle of body. Head often with grooves or prominences; labrum visible; maxillae and labium well developed with flexible palps; head may be rostrate, but rostrum not longer than wide; lateral pronotal carinae often complete but may be incomplete or absent; distinct tibial spurs not common; first three tarsal segments with ventral lobes covered with spatulate or bifid adhesive setae; fourth tarsal segment either minute and concealed at base of proceeding segment, or fused with terminal segment; tarsal claws sometimes cleft or appendiculate; basal ventrites never solidly fused. Larvae highly variable, usually lightly sclerotised except for head and sometimes numerous small plates or protuberances, usually with well-developed legs. Head often hypognathous with median endocarina; mandibles usually with three or more apical teeth; labrum usually free; rarely with urogomphi on T9.

    |--Aulacoscelidinae GE05
    |--Halticinae M30
    |--Cryptocephalinae SW07
    |    |  i. s.: Aporocera ZS10
    |    |--Cryptocephalini SW07
    |    `--Clytrini SW07
    |--Sagra J89b [Sagrinae GE05]
    |    |--S. brevipes Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |    |--S. buqueti J89b
    |    |--S. mouhoti J89a
    |    `--S. multipunctata Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |--Eumolpinae [Eumolpidae] M30
    |    |--Eka M30
    |    |--Nephus Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |    |    `--*N. femoratus Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |    `--Rhyparida M30
    |         |--R. armata Jacoby 1889 J89b
    |         `--R. bimaculata Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |--Bruchinae [Bruchidae] GE05
    |    |--Caryedes brasiliensis GE05
    |    |--Caryoborus pallidus B88
    |    |--Bruchidius niger Anton 2004 F05
    |    `--Bruchus G18
    |         |--B. flavescens Lucas 1847 E12
    |         |--B. pisorum LR-S01
    |         |--B. plumbeus Lucas 1847 E12
    |         `--B. quadrimaculatus G18
    |--Galerucinae M30
    |    |--Taphina J89a
    |    |--Polysastra costatipennis ZS10
    |    |--Taphinella Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |    |    `--*T. nigripennis Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |    |--Niasia Jacoby 1889 J89b
    |    |    `--*N. difformis Jacoby 1889 J89b
    |    `--Galeruca J89a
    |         |--G. foveicollis Lucas 1849 E12
    |         |--G. semipullata B88
    |         |--G. sublineatua Lucas 1849 E12
    |         `--G. variolosa [=Adimonia variolosa] J89a
    |--Megalopodinae [Donaciinae, Megalopinae] M05
    |    |--Colobaspis arida (Westwood 1864) [=Temnaspis arida] M05
    |    |--Palophagus GE05
    |    |--Plateumaris S02
    |    |    |--P. akiensis Tominaga & Katsura 1984 I92
    |    |    `--P. nitida GE05 [incl. Donacia primaeva S02]
    |    |--Donacia GE05
    |    |    |--D. aeraria J89a
    |    |    |--D. hintihumeralis Komiya & Kubota 1987 I92
    |    |    `--D. katsurai Kimoto 1981 I92
    |    `--Temnaspis M05
    |         |--T. bifasciata Mohamedsaid 1999 M05
    |         |--T. javana M05
    |         |--T. lunduensis Mohamedsaid 2005 M05
    |         `--T. nigripennis Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |--Chrysomelinae GE05
    |    |--Paropsis ZS10
    |    |    |--P. atomaria B88
    |    |    |--P. obsoleta ZS10
    |    |    `--P. reticulata B88
    |    |--Chrysolina GE05
    |    |    |--C. hyperici B04
    |    |    |--C. (Taeniosticha) petitpierrei Kippenberg 2004 F05
    |    |    |--C. picturata WFS04
    |    |    `--C. quadrigemina B04
    |    `--Chrysomela GE05
    |         |--C. aurichalcea J89a
    |         |--C. chloris Lucas 1847 E12
    |         |--C. crassipes Lucas 1847 E12
    |         |--C. erythromera Lucas 1847 E12
    |         |--C. gaubilii Lucas 1846 E12
    |         `--C. stevensi J89a
    `--Hispinae [Cassidinae] GE05
         |--Acromis GE05
         |--Hispa callicantha Bates 1866 B66
         |--Coelaenomenodera elaeidis B88
         |--Brontispa longissima B88
         |--Hispellinus multispinosus ZS10
         |--Lasiochila Weise 1916 DK08
         |    |--L. gestroi (Baly 1888) DK08
         |    `--L. goryi (Guérin 1840) DK08
         |--Cassida B88
         |    |--C. algirica Boheman 1847 E12
         |    |--C. circumdata [=Metriona circumdata] B88
         |    `--C. herbea Boheman 1847 E12
         `--Promecotheca B88
              |--P. antiqua B88
              |--P. cummingii B88
              |--P. opacicollis B88
              |--P. papuana B88
              `--P. reichei A71

Chrysomelidae incertae sedis:
  Pseudomegamerus grandis GE05, P02
  Eucolaspis brunnea WFS04
  Diabrotica GJR97
    |--D. undecimpunctata WR-SG01
    |    |--D. u. undecimpunctata WR-SG01
    |    `--D. u. howardi WR-SG01
    `--D. virgifera GJR97
         |--D. v. virgifera GJR97
         `--D. v. zeae GJR97
  Oreina cacaliae AM07
  Arnomus brouni T27
  Nesaecrepidia BHM08
  Protoscelis GE05
  Protosceloides GE05
  Pseudocolaspis G89
    |--P. albostriata G89
    `--P. setosa Lucas 1847 E12
  Eurydemus oculatus Chap. 1879 G89
  Lactica unicolor G89
  Aulacophora G89
    |--A. abdominalis [=Crioceris abdominalis] G89
    |--A. atripennis J89a
    |--A. flavomarginata J89b
    |--A. foveicollis J89a
    |--A. frontalis J89b
    |--A. luteicornis J89b
    |--A. palliata J89a
    |--A. rosea [incl. A. albicornis] J89a
    `--A. similis J89b
  Monolepta G89
  Chrysoptharta SC04
  Aspidomorpha B88
  Physimera DL99
  Cheilotoma musciformis F05
    |--C. m. musciformis F05
    `--C. m. hispanica Medvedev 2004 F05
  Phyllotreta undulata S91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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