Bothriembryon tasmanicus, photographed by Ken Harris.

Belongs within: Orthalicoidea.

The Bulimulidae is a group of land snails including the Australasian Bothriembryon and a number of Neotropical taxa. Within the Bulimulidae, the Odontostomini are distinguished from other taxa by the presence of only a small number of mandibular plates, and of dents and/or lamellae narrowing the lamellae (Breure 1979).

Characters (from Breure 1979): Mandibula with large number of plates, smooth surface and amorphous internal structure; radula with central teeth mono- or tricuspid, and transverse tooth rows straight or V-shaped; genitalia with genital atrium absent, penis cylindrical, penis appendix absent, proximal penis sheath present or absent, flagellum present, retractor muscle slender and thin, spermoviduct not torted, spermathecal duct as long as spermoviduct or reduced; pallial organs with sigmurethrous ureters, weak to strong pulmonary veins, adrectal ureter open or closed; columellar muscle present; protoconch sculptured.

<==Bulimulidae [Bulimulinae]
    |  i. s.: ‘Pyrgus’ Albers 1850 non Hübner 1819 BR05
    |         Quiros Solem 1959 S88
    |         Hyperaulax Pilsbry 1897 AP90
    |         Rhabdotus alternatus (Say 1830) PM88
    |--Simpulopsis Beck 1837 [Simpulopsini] BR05
    |--Odontostomini [Odontostomidae, Odontostominae] BR05
    |    |--Odontostomus Beck 1837 BR05
    |    |--Tomogeres Montfort 1810 [Tomogeridae] BR05
    |    `--Lucerna Röding 1798 [Lucernidae, Lucerninae] BR05
    |         `--*L. ringens [=Helix ringens] BR05
    `--Bulimulini BR05
         |--Bulimulus Leach 1814 BR05
         |    `--B. unicolor (Sowerby 1833) PM88
         |--Berendtia Crosse & Fischer 1869 [Berendtiinae, Berendtinae] BR05
         `--Bothriembryon Pilsbry 1894 BR05 [incl. Tasmanembryon Iredale 1933 S88; Bothriembryontidae]
              |--B. angasianus (Pfeiffer 1864) S88
              |--B. barretti Iredale 1930 S88
              |--B. brazieri W08
              |--B. bulla W08
              |--B. costulatus (Lamarck 1822) W08
              |--B. decresensis Cotton 1940 S88
              |--B. kingii W08
              |--B. mastersi (Cox 1867) S88
              |--B. melo W08
              |--B. onslowi (Cox 1864) W08
              |--B. praecursor McMichael 1968 S88
              |--B. rhodostoma M54
              |--B. spenceri (Tate 1894) [=Liparus spenceri] S88
              `--B. tasmanicus (Pfeiffer 1853) [=B. (Tasmanembryon) tasmanicus] S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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