Blue-footed booby Sula nebouxii, photographed by Mariko Yuki.

Belongs within: Sulida.

The Sulidae contain the gannets and boobies, marine birds that capture fish by plunge diving. Sulids nest in colonies, sometimes very densely. The gannets of the genus Morus are found in temperate waters of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, while the boobies of the genus Sula are tropical in distribution. Abbott's booby Papasula abbotti is an endangered species endemic to Christmas Island in the eastern Indian Ocean.

See also: Boobies.

Characters (from Heather & Robertson 1996): Bill sturdy and cone-shaped, with serrated cutting edges. Forehead flattened; much of face covered with bare skin. Three webbed toes, sometimes with some or all skin brightly coloured.

<==Sulidae [Dysporidae, Enkurosulidae, Pseudosulidae, Sulariidae]
    |  i. s.: Enkurosula Kašin 1977 [=Pseudosula Harrison 1975 non Boetticher 1955] M02
    |           `--*E. pygmaea (Milne-Edwards 1874) [=Sula pygmaea, Microsula pygmaea, *Pseudosula pygmaea] M02
    |         Eostega Lambrecht 1929 M02
    |           `--*E. lebedkinskyi Lambrecht 1929 M02
    |         Empheresula Harrison 1975 [=Parasula Harrison 1975 non Mathews 1913] M02
    |           `--*E. arvernensis (Milne-Edwards 1867) [=Sula arvernensis, *Parasula arvernensis] M02
    |         Sarmatosula Grigorescu & Kessler 1977 M02
    |           `--*S. dobrogensis Grigorescu & Kessler 1977 M02
    |--Masillastega Mayr 2002 M05
    `--+--+--Papasula abbotti JT12
       |  `--Morus Vieillot 1816 JT12, M02
       |       |  i. s.: M. olsoni Grigorescu & Kessler 1988 M02
       |       |--M. bassanus JT12
       |       `--+--M. capensis JT12
       |          `--M. serrator (Gray 1843) JT12, WH02
       `--Sula Brisson 1760 JT12, B94 [incl. Dysporus Illiger 1811 B94, Prophalacrocorax Harrison 1975 M02]
            |  i. s.: S. abbotti FP64
            |         S. bassana R85
            |           |--S. b. bassana R85
            |           `--S. b. serrator Gray 1843 R85 [=Pelecanus serrator WS48]
            |         S. capensis FST81
            |         S. fiber D66
            |         S. guano FP64
            |         S. ronzoni (Gervais 1848-1852) FP64, M02 [=Mergus ronzoni M02, *Prophalacrocorax ronzoni M02]
            |--S. sula JT12
            |    |--S. s. sula I92
            |    `--S. s. rubripes Gould 1838 I92
            `--+--S. leucogaster (Boddaert 1783) JT12, WS48 [=Pelecanus leucogaster WS48]
               |    |--S. l. leucogaster R85
               |    `--S. l. plotus (Forster 1844) [=Pelecanus plotus; incl. S. leucogaster rogersi Mathews 1913] WS48
               `--+--+--S. dactylatra Lesson 1831 JT12, WH02 [incl. S. tasmani van Tets, Meredith et al. 1988 WH02]
                  |  |    |--S. d. dactylatra I92
                  |  |    `--S. d. personata Gould 1846 I92 (see below for synonymy)
                  |  `--S. granti JT12
                  `--+--S. nebouxii JT12
                     `--S. variegata JT12

Nomen nudum: Sula rozieri Lucazeau 1959 M02

Sula dactylatra personata Gould 1846 I92 [incl. S. d. bedouti Mathews 1913 WS48, S. d. fullagari HR96]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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