Shells (upper row) and internal moulds (lower row) of Goniophorina tenuicostata, from Sánchez (2006).

Belongs within: Anomalodesmata.

The Modiomorphoida are a Palaeozoic and Mesozoic assemblage of bivalves of uncertain relationships, though they may have been ancestral to the modern Anomalodesmata. The modiomorphids superficially resembled mussels, but do not appear to have been attached to their substrate by a byssus.

Characteristics (from Newell 1969): Actinodont; teeth radial, poorly differentiated, originating at the beaks; equivalved.

    |--Goniophorina Isberg 1934 [Modiomorphidae, Modiomorphoidea] SV03
    |    `--G. (Cosmogoniophorina Isberg 1934) SV03
    |         |--G. (*C.) carinata (Isberg 1934) [=Cosmogoniophorina carinata] SV03
    |         `--G. (C.) tenuicostata Harrington 1938 SV03
    `--Permophoridae [Kalenteroidea] H00
         |--Neocypricardinia Liu 1976 ZP86
         |    |--N. simplex Zhang & Pojeta 1986 ZP86
         |    |--N. sinensis ZP86
         |    `--N. subelegans ZP86
         `--Myoconcha Sowerby 1824 [Myoconchinae] H00
              |--M. (Myoconcha) [incl. Labayophorus Likharev 1939] H09
              |    |--*M. (M.) crassa Sowerby 1824 H00
              |    |--‘*Labayophorus’ magnus Likharev 1939 H00
              |    `--M. (M.) psilonoti Quenstedt 1856 (see below for synonymy) H00
              `--M. (Modiolina Müller 1851) H00
                   |--‘Lithodomus’ discrepans Müller 1847 [incl. *Modiolina bosqueti Müller 1851] H00
                   `--M. (M.) decorata (Münster in Goldfuss 1837) (see below for synonymy) H00

Myoconcha (Modiolina) decorata (Münster in Goldfuss 1837) [=Mytilus decoratus; incl. Modiola lithodomus Koch & Dunker 1837, Myoconcha oxynoti Quenstedt 1856] H00

Myoconcha (Myoconcha) psilonoti Quenstedt 1856 [incl. M. scabra Terquem & Piette 1865, M. scalprum d’Orbigny 1849 (n. d.)] H00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H00] Hodges, P. 2000. The Early Jurassic Bivalvia from the Hettangian and Lower Sinemurian of south-west Britain. Part. 1. Monograph of the Paleontographical Society 614: 1-64.

Newell, N. D. 1969. Classification of Bivalvia. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt. N. Bivalvia vol. 1 pp. N205-N224. The Geological Society of America, Inc., and the University of Kansas.

Sánchez, T. M. 2006. Taxonomic position and phylogenetic relationships of the bivalve Goniophorina Isberg, 1934, and related genera from the early Ordovician of northwestern Argentina. Ameghiniana 43 (1).

[SV03] Sánchez, T. M., & N. E. Vaccari. 2003. Ucumariidae new family (Bivalvia, Anomalodesmata) and other bivalves from the Early Ordovician (Tremadocian) of northwestern Argentina. Ameghiniana 40 (3): 415-424.

[ZP86] Zhang, R., & J. Pojeta, Jr. 1986. New bivalves from the Datang Stage, Lower Carboniferous, Guangdong Province, China. Journal of Paleontology 60 (3): 669-679.

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